Suleiman Alhadidi - 2017 - Architect; Research Scientist; Boston; Sydney; Melbourne; Jordanian architect; Australian architect

Dr. Suleiman Alhadidi is an entrepreneur and professor with a passion for smart buildings, construction technologies, and sustainable cities. He has extensive experience in architecture and real estate technologies, with a particular focus on real estate economics and the integration of advanced technologies into building design and construction. Suleiman founded in 2023 a Private Equity Fund that promotes creating and investing in smart urban developments and real estate proptech smart technologies.

Dr. Alhadidi has taught courses and conducted research on smart buildings and sustainable developments at top universities around the world such as Harvard University, MIT, and the University of Melbourne. In addition to his academic pursuits, Dr. Alhadidi is also an entrepreneur, having advised and led several successful companies in the real estate and technology sectors. Suleiman took a Research Scientist position during the period of 2018 and 2021 at the City Science Group (Changing Places) - MIT Media Lab whereby his research focused on developing the next generation of affordable robotically-enabled buildings that promote more entrepreneurial, livable, and high-performing built environment and cities

With his deep understanding of the intersection of technology, sustainability, and real estate, Dr. Alhadidi is a thought leader in the field of smart buildings and sustainable developments. His work has helped to shape the direction of the industry, driving innovation and progress towards a more efficient and sustainable future. Suleiman has an architecture practice based in Sydney, Australia and Boston, USA.

Dr. Alhadidi received several international awards including the 2018 American Australian Association Award (AAA) as a Chevron Scholar for the work he has been doing in sustainable architecture. He received academic awards from the University of Melbourne and Harvard University whereby he is conducting his doctoral research work. He received project awards in France, USA, Jordan, South Korea, and Australia.

Suleiman taught graduate and undergraduate levels at several universities including the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (Spatial Information Architecture Laboratory), University of Sydney and the University of Melbourne. His previous research work includes Internet of Things, robotics in design, Augmented Reality, computational design, and sustainable architecture. During 2016-2018, Suleiman took an elected position in the administration council of The Association for Computer-Aided Architectural Design Research in Asia, he currently serves as a reviewer for several architecture journals and conferences such as ACADIA and CAADRIA.

Alhadidi practiced architecture for more than a decade in Europe, Australia, the Middle East, and the United States. He is a registered architect in New South Wales in Australia. He worked previously with well-known architecture practices such as Coop Himmelblau, Laceco, HASSELL, and BVN. At BVN he developed research work in collaborative robotics and performance-driven design on large scale projects such as stadiums and towers. At HASSELL, he established and led the computational design group where he was part of the winning teams for significant architecture projects in Australia and Asia.

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Current Engagements

Suleiman is currently developing a Real Estate and Architecture Construction Venture called Real-time Architecture as well as engaging with academic institutions such as the MIT and Harvard University, Graduate School of Design.

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Architecture work

Real-time Architecture


This website contains work that Dr. Alhadidi was part of while either working for companies such as HASSELL, Coop Himmelblau, LACECO, O(n) Studio, BVN Architects or private work consultation that he conducted in the last 15 years.

Suleiman Alhadidi; Robotics in Architecture; RobArch 2016

Research Work

Harvard University; MIT; University of Melbourne; UNSW

Areas of interest:

real-time technologies, real estate investment, entrepreneurship and innovation, architecture design, design technologies, building information modeling, smart cities, smart buildings, adaptive architecture, corporate real estate, commercial real estate, computational design, augmented/virtual reality, robotic fabrication, building automation, and prefabricated construction

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Harvard University; University of Melbourne; RMIT; University of Sydney


Courses previously taught

Harvard University:

Advanced Real Estate Financing; Environment, Economics, and Enterprise; Building and Leading Real Estate Enterprises and Entrepreneurship; Digital Media (MArch Course); Construction Systems (MArch Course)

University of New South Wales:

Data-Driven Design CoDe 2700; Building Information Modeling; Digital Collaboration Studio CoDe 3100

University of Melbourne: Graduate Level Studios:

Computational Habitats in 2013;  NSPACE in 2014

Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology: 

Integrating Digital Applications; Digital Architecture; Building Information Modeling

Real-time Architecture

Real-time Architecture specializes in offering comprehensive consultation services that bridge cutting-edge technology with innovative architectural and urban planning solutions; that includes architecture consultancy and urban planning services. Our consultancy work encompasses a diverse range of projects, from conceptualizing and designing smart buildings to implementing real-time technologies in urban planning. We collaborate closely with our clients, leveraging our expertise to tailor solutions that align with their unique vision and goals. Our consultation services extend beyond mere architectural design; we provide strategic guidance on integrating real-time systems, ensuring sustainable and efficient solutions that meet the evolving needs of the built environment. With a commitment to excellence, Real-time Architecture's consultation work is a testament to our dedication to shaping the future of architecture through the seamless integration of technology and design innovation.