The development of Quay Quarter is bordered by Bridge, Alfred, Young and Loftus Streets, and spans 11,000 square metres. Desi

Salerno Antenna – Arched Gate

The design of the new Salerno telecommunication tower takes its typology from this Italian coastal city. the contemporary desi


“The winning proposal for the Flinders Street Station competition comes from HASSELL + Herzog & de Meuron. The 

The Immersery – MFWF

A pop-up installation designed and documented computationally only in 2 weeks; A cloud-like structure suspended above a floati

Abdali Commercial Downtown_Amman+ Boulevard + 3^10

The Amman Business Central District represents the new heart of the Jordanian capital, transforming highly underused hectares

Finding Complex Forms – Origami Computation

The project suggests a system through  detailed experiments for a novel way of designing any form and fabricating emergency t

710 Collins Street

The proposal of 710 Collins is a 34 storey commercial office building standing 180m in height from Collins Street level; purpo

Performative Architecture-Details02

Finalist: Melbourne Design Awards 2012 This project consisted of an inflatable structure wrapped in a swarm of flocking creatu


  Designing the Dynamic brought together architects and other built environment designers with specialists from sail desi


Quokka is a software tool written by Geoff Kimm and Suleiman Alhadidi in 2011 for connecting Microsoft Kinect with Grasshoppe

447 Collins Street

“The design competition for 447 Collins Street was a competition of ideas. The HASSELL + UNStudio team included designer

QF Headquarters Expansion Building Doha Qatar

The Qatar Foundation Headquarters Expansion Building celebrates Islamic architecture and its main influencers: geometry and ma

Prefab Beach House – Peru

  The project aims at combining tradition and modernity through the use of renewable and sustainable natural resources of


“Imagine walking through the halls of a hospital. Look to the left and right. Peek inside the patient lounge. What do yo


Parramatta Stadium (Westren Sydney Stadium) is a proposal prepared for EOI. The design seeks a visionary response. The design

Busan Cinema Center

“The basic concept of this project was the discourse about the overlapping of open and closed spaces and of public and p


“The urban design task of the Dalian International Conference Center is to create an instantly recognizable landmark at


“The site for the proposed new building is an existing carpark located on the northern edge of the Melbourne Park precin


DynamoBuild is a result of 3 days workshop at RobArch 2016 in Sydney, Australia. RobArch 2016 is the third international confe

Royal Botanic Garden, Tal Alrumman Jordan

The Tel Al-Rumman region is a wealthy environment known for its indigenous and rare mega flora, the project’s prospect is to

Modular Construction: Nepal Prefabricated Schools

  We have been engaged since 2015 in a pro-bono project to design prefabricated schools in Nepal. The work was done by by


Sydney Convention and Exhibition Centre

“Joint venture partners HASSELL + Populous have delivered the architectural design for Sydney’s new integrated con

Tal Alrumman Botanic Garden Herbarium

  Jordan is a country particularly rich in wild plants. Despite its small size, it is the home of diverse geographic area

Physical-digital projection

Under construction

Performative Architecture-The Process

Finalist: Melbourne Design Awards 2012 This project consisted of an inflatable structure wrapped in a swarm of flocking creatu

Computational Design

Under Construction

Building Information Modelling

Under construction

Data-driven design

Under construction

Organizations and Contributions

University of New South Wales

- (Architecture + Computational Design) Adjunct Senior Lecturer

_Teaching work _Research work


- Executive Director - Membership Officer

The Association for Computer-Aided Architectural Design Research in Asia


- Computational Design Consultant



- R&D Lead + Senior Architect

Robotics + Performance Driven Design

Designing the new generation of buildings and cities

Real-time Built environment

Autonomous robots and smart devices are increasingly incorporated within our buildings. Whether self or user-driven systems, the design of the built environment is increasingly integrating data feedback loops, electronics, and networks that enable architectural spaces and components to transform in order to provide better spatial and environmental qualities. The study of building automation and reconfigurable spaces is a field in architecture called ‘adaptive architecture’. ‘Robotic buildings’ is an emergent research area under adaptive architecture that would allow new possibilities to animate spaces using the modern accessible hardware and software. This trend has gained momentum during the last decade due to the recent reduction of hardware cost and the accessibility to high and real-time computational power.

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