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Book Chapters
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Book Reviews
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Refereed papers
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Published Projects
_2012 Exhibition Coding for volumetric hyper density in Hong Kong, Melbourne, Australia
_2012 The performance installation, Architects Victoria magazine summer
_2011 The green story: redesigning the engineering faculty at the University of Melbourne
_2011 Architype source –
_2010 Exhibition A2 Galp pedestrian and cycling bridge [] Lisbon, Portugal
_2009 Europaconcorsi
_2008  Exhibition Back to life- Architects for health, RIBA, London, UK
_2007 Exhibition XIII International Design Seminar UCLR- Urban culture and landscape renewal Lucca, Italy
_2005 Exhibition  Arab Architecture University’s exhibition, Almafraq Domestic Airport, Amman Jordan

_2019 The Spoon: Suleiman Alhadidi on How to Maximize the Future Kitchen, Even in Small Spaces.
_2016 Career Achievement as an architect and academic  _SBS, Australia
_2016 Tribute to Zaha Hadid _SBS, Australia
_2007 Winning design , “Wall Timeline”, Agrigento, Italy _ Italian Rai TV Channel