My research interests span a wide range of impactful topics, including real-time technologies, real estate investment, entrepreneurship and innovation, architecture design, design technologies, building information modeling, smart cities, smart buildings, adaptive architecture, corporate real estate, commercial real estate, computational design, augmented/virtual reality, robotic fabrication, building automation, and prefabricated construction. Throughout my career, I've had the privilege of contributing to prestigious institutions like Harvard and MIT, as well as publishing in esteemed architectural journals and presenting at renowned conferences.

At the core of my research lies the "Real-time Architecture" framework, an integrated solution that incorporates hardware, software, and innovative methodologies to address these pressing challenges. My research spans two crucial dimensions: economic and environmental. I envision the built environment as a dynamic ecosystem, emphasizing its pivotal role in addressing evolving societal needs. The economic aspect revolves around quantifiable returns on investments and potential cost savings through technology implementations, while the environmental facet delves into occupants' performance and well-being, bridging the realms of building science with enhanced employee productivity and health.

If you're a student interested in any of these areas or share a passion for exploring the intersection of technology and architecture, I encourage you to get in touch with me. Feel free to contact me at [email protected] for inquiries regarding research opportunities and graduate-level student supervision.


Research Projects

  1. Panasonic - Carbon Footprint Reduction using Workplace Occupancy Data  (2018-2023)
  2. Vergesense (2019-2023)
  3. City Science_ MIT (2019-2022)
  4. Wyss Institute - Harvad University (2018)
  5. MIT Center of Innovation (2022)
  6. Healthy Buildings - Harvard School of Public Health (2022)
  7. Computational Design - Harvard University (2019)
  8. Construction Systems - Harvard University (2019)
  9. Modular Buildings - MIT City Science (2018-2020)
  10. Robotic Furniture - MIT City Science (2018-2021)
  11. Piccolo Kitchen - MIT City Science (2020-2021)
  12. Ceramic 6-axis Robotic 3D printing - Harvard University (GSD MaP+S) (2017-2019)
  13. Real-Estate Adaptive Mixed-use case study - Harvard University (2020)
  14. The Econometrics of Robotic Furniture - Harvard University (2019)
  15. Earthquake Disaster Response: Rebuilding sustainable modular schools in Nepal, HASSELL + UNSW (2015-2018)
  16. Solar and Planning Regulatory Provisions Compliance: Building quantitative performance design solutions for residential development performance and profitability UNSW + BVN (2015-2017)
  17. MULTIFLIGHT Creating Interactive Stairs through Positive Technology, UNSW (2016)
  18. Computation as a Driver for Quantitative Design Decisions in Architecture Practices, UNSW + HASSELL (2014-2016)
  19. Performative Architectural Practice Building Collaboration Platforms for Multidisciplinary Architecture Business (2015)
  20. Developing a Workflow for Daylight Simulation for Generative Architectural Design, UNSW(2015)
  21. Generative Architecture in DLA Space, University of Melbourne (2013-2014)
  22. Quokka: Programming for Real Time Digital Design Platform University of Melbourne (2012-2013)
  23. Decision making of cross-functional teams in large-scale construction projects, RMIT University - Business School (2013)
  24. Designing the Dynamics (2011-2012)