2019 Harvard Doctor of Design Grant 2019-2020
2019 Harvard University, School of Design Grant_ Geoffrey R. Le Plastrier Financial Aid Fund
2019 Harvard University Real Estate Research Grant
2019 Harvard University, AMBL Grant
2018 American Australian Association Ambassador- Chevron Scholar
2018 3 GOLD MEDAL PRIZES_Good Design Awards: project NEPAL Prefab Schools 
2018 American Australian Association Ambassador- Chevron Scholar
Harvard University, AMBL Grant 
Harvard University, School of Design Grant 
MIT Design Tools of the Future, 1st Prize

2016 Research seed grant, Sydney, Australia
2015 Best paper at CAADRIA 2015
2015 (s) Young CAADRIA award

2014 (s) BDAV Award for design (x2)
2013 University of Melbourne-Dean's award for academic excellence
2012 Finalist Melbourne Design Awards
2011 Finalist “VLS Video Mapping Trophy - Paris”, International Video Mapping competition.
2011 Travel grant to conduct research in Hong Kong
2011 International postgraduate award/scholarship to study at The University of Melbourne, Australia
2010 Project Incheon international design award
2010 Korea - green heart "Green design"
2009 Project – 2nd place the State of Kuwait embassy in Amman, Jordan
2009 Jordanian engineering association award, Young Architect Award for early achievements in career life
2009 Project 20+10+X World Architecture Community Awards - Moon Villa
2008 Project 20+10+X World Architecture Community Awards - Visitor complex and winter garden
2008 Shortlisted Project European association for architectural education, International Competition ]present[
2008 Shortlisted Project Royal institute of British Architects RIBA- design for health “Back to life”
2008 Abu Al Raghib design award and scientific excellence, Jordan
2008 University of Jordan Award for scientific excellence
2007 KA Centre of Excellence - Traveling grant - Spain
2007 1st award - Project: Wall Timeline, Agrigento, Italy
2005 Department of architecture award for scientific Excellency, The University of Jordan
2003-2007 Higher Ministry of education Excellency scholarship- Jordan
2003 Scholarship, Alnomow Altarbai School, to study high degree at a Jordanian university
2003 Al Nomow Al Tarbawi school -High school- Award for Academic Excellency, Top In class