Salerno Antenna – Arched Gate

The design of the new Salerno telecommunication tower takes its typology from this Italian coastal city. the contemporary design of Bellaria Hill Park will redefine the use of public spaces in this abandoned area by providing multiple viewing platforms and activities along the proposed pathways that connect different social functions together. The multiple public spaces combine ideas such as the breathtaking scenic views over the city and the sea. In addition the new designed sport and social spaces will enrich the area and create a world class emblem that celebrates the implementation of new technologies and sustainable solutions.

The site: The communication tower’s predominant form is oriented to provide a pleasant view from different locations around the site. The lower entrance is accessible by pedestrians and cars. The lower part at level 114m consists of a Belvedere and a plaza where there is food stalls, a communication center, a cafe, parking and an information center. The park has also upper belvedere which overlooks the city, in between the two belvederes the design provides an open stage which consists of an Amphitheatre and arched steps which provide seating and difference spaces for social interactions. The design also consider a location for the new office building which will have a footprint of 2000 sqm, The park is connected through pathways which provides tracks for cycling and hiking, the upper part of the site consists of the tower which is accessible for maintenance only. VIsitors can enjoy the view to the new landmark (Salerno tower) while visiting the cultural precinct which includes community gardens, food stalls, on-site nursery, a weekend market and a cafe. The design also provides two pathways to the north east corner of the site which will connect the new proposed development area with the park.

The design of the park offers multiple activities while improving the quality of the existing vegetation. it also offers barbecue areas and a camping site with a breathtaking views to the city and the sea. The landscape intervention also aims to integrate technology while preserving the existing habitats on site.

Arches analogy:
For a coastal city in Amalfi coast, lighthouse towers are considered as gates to the city. This design is framed around how the tower can represent the city to be it’s new gate. The design of this tower and the landscape are inspired by the arches which you can find in the city’s architecture typologies. Positano Provincia di Salerno bridges, San Matteo and the city arched pathways are important components that resembles Salerno and Amalfi coastal cities.

Tower design (kit of parts)
The tower is organised as a gradient vertical displacement of the arches emphasising its architecture value. Its homogenous materiality refers to its sculptural nature rather than simply suggesting its functional form - this responds to the brief where visitors don't have access to the tower.

The modern design of the tower and the integration of the sustainable technologies offers new experience and identity to the site. The microwave and wifi antennas were shifted vertically to the top of the tower to minimize the impact of the tower on the park and its visitors. This combines the motivations of both providing a landmark form and a functional communication tower. The tower consists of Kit-of-parts made by concrete and steel structures which aim to simplify the design and fabrication process and to excel the installation of the tower on site. Each kit is easily recognised in the design and parametrically developed. There is adequate access by the core of the tower for maintenance using both an elevator and climbing stairs. The tower hosts all TV and Radio antennas currently located on site and it also provides areas for Wifi antennas.

The overall design offers a unique local qualities of Salerno and create a universal symbol of totem into an attractive experience.

Salerno - Antenna competition _ Italy _ Suleiman Alhadidi _ O(n!) ArchitectureLighthouse that celebrates sustainability. The tower introduces the idea of kit of parts in order to create a sustainable structure. The tower provides a lighthouse element which aims to celebrate the landmark during night time. The electricity is generated using natural resources (Wind turbines and/or photo voltaic cells which will be embedded in the design of the tower)

Structure system
The antenna structure is approximately 200 m high and is comprised out of a series of reinforced concrete arches.
Those arches are connected with bracing elements that are constructed out of steel.
Platforms located in the top third of the structure are interlocking the reinforced core with the arches.
In combination the core, the arches and bracing elements act as one composite structure.
Due to the special geometry of the tower a pile foundation is proposed.
Further geotechnical investigation has to be considered in the next phase. Based on the geotechnical engineer report the precise amount of piles and their depth will be designed.

Scenic park views
1_Views from the park
The viewing platforms around the site also suggests different experience from different angles– which seems to respond to the surrounding context. The design provides 180 viewing platforms in all directions and on multiple levels.

2_Views to the park
The dynamic new landmark provides a different look of the tower from different point of view. From the sea side you see a stacked arches which gives a transparency to see thru the tower. The aim of the design is to provide different impressions from different areas.

Stage: Competition
Date: 2015
Location: Salerno, Italy
Architect: O(n!) Architecture
Team: Alex Leiva, Viet Luc and Suleiman Alhadidi
Structure Engineer: B+G Ingenieure (Bollinger und Grohmann GmbH) _ Sascha Bohnenberger