Modular Construction: Nepal Prefabricated Schools


We have been engaged since 2015 in a pro-bono project to design prefabricated schools in Nepal. The work was done by by HASSELL architects and TTW engineers for the Australian Himalayan Foundation AHF. A lightwight kit-of-parts were proposed to allow the Rural Education and Environment Development Center REED (local implementer) to execute the project on different site
locations while maintaining high design standards. A modular system allows flexibility in design while achieving high quality end product. It aims to create sustainable, innovatitve, efficient, cost-effective and shorter time to completion school buildings.

HASSELL and TTW have proposed a modular design that consists of kit-of parts to allow various configurations to be built on different sites. AHF has identified three sites for the purpose of testing the modular design:
1. Janajagriti Lower Secondary School Dudhkunda Municipality, Salleri.
2. Garma Secondary School, Dudkhunda Municipality, Salleri.
3. Basakali Lower Secondary School, Basa VDC.

The plan is to build 2000 school units in a couple of years time.

The modular design prototype is proposed to be constructued at Janajagriti Lower Secondary School, the school is located approximately 2 km from Phaplu airport, 10 minutes walk from the main station (District Development Centre). The site is well connected to the local market. Construction materials including building stone, cement, steel rods and CGI sheets can be delivered to site by tractors.

Project Info
Project: Nepal Prefab Schools
Location: Nepal (various sites)
Modules: 3 class room sizes+ COLA
Client: Australian Himalayan Foundation
Local partner: Rural education and Environment
Development Center REED
Lead Design: Suleiman Alhadidi