Performative Architecture-The Process

Performative-Architecture-interactive-installation-Suleiman-Alhadidi. Melbourne design awards, australia architecture, university of melbourne

Melbourne Design Awards- Suleiman alhadidi; 2012 ; architecture awards, melbourne, australia

Finalist: Melbourne Design Awards 2012

This project consisted of an inflatable structure wrapped in a swarm of flocking creatures. Visitors could move around the inflated volume or enter it, provoking the installation to express an “emotional” response through lighting, sound and the movement of its texture. The resulting experience proved popular, especially with children who were happy to shed play in the unusual “cave”. This experimental exhibit explored performative characteristics of hybrid, digital-and-physical architectural environments combining emergent effects of self-organising agent systems, non-standard architectural geometries, digital sensing and interactive, generative light and sound.

To date, the installation was shown twice: in Open Stage Theatre at the University of Melbourne and during PauseFest 2011.


Project Process

Awards: Melbourne Design Awards 2012 (Finalist)
Year: 2011
Team: Stanislav Roudavski, Gywllim Jahn, Roger Alsop, Kirilly Barnett, Suleiman Alhadidi, Chen Canhui, Eva Chen, Mani Williams, Joshua Ho, Nam Viet Hoang, Hamza Khan, Firadaus Khazis, Chin Siong Lim, Daniel Ryan, Arturo Steinberg, Yin Lih Tham, Lok Tsang, Andrew Walsh, Suleiman Alhadidi
Imagery + Courtesy: Project team