Prefab Beach House – Peru


The project aims at combining tradition and modernity through the use of renewable and sustainable natural resources of rapid growth and outstanding environmental and aesthetic qualities.  Such selection of materials and kit-of-parts would offer great economics possibilities for the region and a daring monumental structure of unsurpassed the vernacular beauty.

Responding to the project program hierarchy, The project aims to open the LOOP of EXPERIMENTS to give the potential of the basic unit of the project “ Stage 1” and GROW UP providing efficiency, diversity of spaces, complexity of transitions and flexibility in expansion.

The project utilize  timber and steel construction. Timber is recommended to be replaced with bamboo, the use  of bamboo would provide:

_Recalling the roots of Peruvian architecture. “Quincha architecture” _The feasible agricultural element of bamboo would be one of  the main crops in the region of the land’s context.
_It is selected to be used as the sustainable material of constructional detailing.
_Bamboo can afford a perfect structural shell that suits such a climatic variation and would allow light weight structural construction and provide light to the indoor spaces.

Team: Waseem abu Hazeem, Jomana Baddad, Raed Alsayyed, Suleiman Alhadidi.
Year: 2009
Stage: Competition Entry